Friday, June 10, 2011

Magical Fox

This fox is magical.

Magical fox loves to play football, drink root-beer floats in tall frosty glasses and win at Scrabble.
He comes up with the most interesting words like sulfoxides, foxglove and foxfish. He's kind of sneaky and sometimes hides scrabble tiles in his bushy tail.

He's 24 inches tall and knit on size 0 needles with 500 yards of handspun, handdyed corriedale alpaca blend by WhirlExpo.

This fox is now in my shop.

I've got 3 more zippermouth purses and a grey bunny to work on this month. I've been washing sweaters, deconstructing them and designing new hats to sew for my autumn and winter inventory. It is funny to be thinking about Christmas sales already but I was approached by a local retailer to sell my zippermouth purses for the holidays. I have to start planning in June for those sales and I'm not sure that I want to sell wholesale. I seem to be busy enough with direct sales through my Etsy shop and Pam's open house.