Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Never-ending Mushrooms

I've got a dozen or more mushrooms to finish up before I move on to the zippermouth purses that are already cut out and waiting to be sewn up, finished, and put in my shop.  I'm also working on a new knit cat which is coming along beautifully. A dear friend (Thank you, Linda!) gave me some of her husband's worn out wool sweaters. I have washed them up and they will become lovely new hats for next winter.

What do you think of this mushroom in a cup? I have five more vintage cups like this one and I think they would work well at Pam's open house this fall. 


  1. i adore this mushroom in a cup, with its mossy footing.

    and, cannot wait to see the new cat....so far, i like what i have seen!


    1. Thank you for your encouragement. Now I need to find more mossy stuff to fill up cups.

      The cat is getting ahead/ a head today. This is the hard part for me...making him come alive with a face that "works."


  2. I like the setting of the little cup for the charming red capped mushroom. It's a very sweet setting, and one that I would like for myself. X X X


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