Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cabbages and Lettuces

When I was a kiddo, my mom would often send me to the Jewel grocery store with a list of things to buy for dinner. On one shopping trip, I remember selecting a nice big green cabbage thinking it was iceberg lettuce. When I got home, Mom sent me right back to the store to get the right thing (darn it, Marianne!) and I had to ask the grocer for help because I didn't know what iceberg lettuce was. It was that day when I started to wonder where my food came from. Where did that head of lettuce and rejected cabbage come from anyway? Eight year old minds want to know!

So now, when I'm not working in the studio on my artwork, I'm working for CMEF (Community Mercantile Education Foundation). Part of CMEF's mission is to help connect children to locally grown fruits and vegetables, right out of their own school garden! I'm on the board of directors and working as treasurer again this year.

Invest in this great project: Growing Food, Growing Health School Garden Project and consider an online donation.  Thanks so much! Love, M

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  1. how wonderful!
    and this could be an opportunity to educate children to the point they actually want to EAT these basic, simple, nutritious foods!


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